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'Fallout 4' immortalizes a player's late brother

A 'Nuka World' DLC character pays tribute to a good man who passed away too soon.

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Games have paid tribute to late celebrities and fans in the past, but rarely like this. When Reddit user NoohjXLVII (aka Andy) posted about the tragic losses of his father and his brother, as well as using Fallout 4 as a coping mechanism, Bethesda responded by including his brother as a character in Fallout's Nuka World add-on. Run into Evan at the southernmost part of Nuka World's map and you'll meet the recreation of a man who Andy says was just as generous in real-life as he is in-game -- the virtual Evan will gladly give you whatever he can. He's not a perfect physical match, but he captures the "essence" of the person.

This won't make up for Evan's passing, although you can contribute to a GoFundMe campaign to help ease his family's burden. Even so, the character (and the care package sent to Andy) are tremendous gestures. They'll help preserve the memory of a man who, by all accounts, was taken from the world too soon.

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