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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: how to replace your UK phone

The company will begin issuing replacements from September 19th.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
09.07.16 in Mobile

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It's only been five days since it confirmed the Galaxy Note 7 battery problem and issued a global recall for its highly-rated smartphone, but Samsung is moving quickly to limit the damage. A couple of days after it issued replacement instructions for US consumers, the company has kicked off the exchange process in the UK, confirming that the small number of customers who received their units before the official UK launch will have their devices replaced from September 19th.

The smartphone maker says that UK providers and operators will now begin contacting buyers to arrange their exchange. Alternatively, customers can call Samsung's customer support team on 0330 7261000 and initiate the process with the company directly. Although Samsung managed to limit the impact on UK customers by issuing the recall on the day of the UK launch, some pre-orders were sent out early and will need replacing.

At a briefing last week, Samsung admitted that a small number of Galaxy Note 7 batteries had exploded while on charge. While there have been 35 cases reported to date, the company decided to issue a global recall just to be sure. Customers in different markets will receive different advice as to when they'll get a new Galaxy Note 7, but in the UK, expect things to ramp up in a couple of weeks time.

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