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Twitter makes it slightly easier to interact on iOS

Instead of, I dunno, ensuring a safer and healthier community.
Dado Ruvic / REUTERS

There was a time when a Twitter user on iOS had to click from their timeline all the way into a tweet in order to interact with it or its account. Imagine that: Like, two taps of your finger to share it elsewhere or unfollow that person. Ugh! But Twitter's hot on a fix, giving you the ability to interact with one straight from your flow just by clicking a little arrow on the top-right corner of any given tweet. The experience has been righteously streamlined.

Okay, obviously there are worse things in the world than having an easier time blocking haters. But instead of a very slight UI upgrade, it would be a better use of Twitter's time to build serious internal anti-troll tools instead of giving users a slightly quicker way to report abuse. It isn't adding anything new to the experience. It's just rearranging the deck chairs while we continue cleaning up the trash.

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