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Google Photos intros smart themed movies and faster sharing

You won't have to lift a finger to see your child growing up.

Google Photos already makes movies using your photos, but they don't really have that personal touch. Where's that Facebook-style ability to automatically create videos around major life events? Relax, it's here: Google is trotting out a Photos update that introduces smart themed movies. The service now digs through your whole photo collection and creates clips based around concepts, such as your children growing up. In that case, it'll find high-quality photos of your young ones (no blurry shots, thankfully) and stitch them together to show their progress over the years. Only a few concepts will pop up this week, such as a summer retrospective and a concept for formal events, but there are more "coming soon."

On top of that, it's now much quicker to share photos and videos with friends. There's a new in-app share sheet on Android and iOS that focuses on people, rather than third-party apps. You just choose the photos, choose the recipients and fire away. Google Photos users will get a notification, while email and SMS users will get a web link. Frankly, that's how it should be -- you probably care more about who gets that album than where you're sending it from.

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