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Google Docs helps you figure out who's responsible for tasks

It'll automatically suggest assignments and helps you assign tasks on your own.

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It's not always easy to determine who's responsible for what in a given online project, but Google thinks it can sort out that mess. It's introducing a slew of Google Docs updates (as part of a larger G Suite upgrade) that help you delegate tasks. On the desktop, typing phrases that assign tasks will automatically suggest action items -- write "Andrea to schedule a weekly check-in" and you'll foist that duty on your colleague. Both desktop and mobile users can also manually assign items by mentioning people in comments, so it should be easier to ask for an edit or status update. You'll get a heads-up on any files with tasks assigned to you.

This refresh is also a big deal if you're using Slack to chat with your coworkers. Thanks to a partnership, you can now hit the "+" button in Slack to share Google Docs files, or anything from Google Drive, within the app. You don't have to interrupt your conversation just to bring up a spreadsheet. And if you're fond of Docs' voice typing, you should now have an easier time deleting words, adding links and changing text color without reaching for your mouse and keyboard. All told, Google is clearly bent on greasing the wheels at work... even when you're not using one of its apps.

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