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Periscope debuts Clinton and Trump masks ahead of Election Day

Pose as either candidate during your live broadcast.

I, for one, wouldn't want to be in either candidate's shoes right now but Periscope has a different idea. For the next week, the livestreaming app will allow users to don Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump masks when they broadcast in selfie mode.

"Live video continues to be an important way for anyone, including our elected representatives, to share their point of view on important issues and invite everyone to be a part of the conversation," the Periscope team wrote in a recent Medium post. And what better way to share your thoughts and spur reasonable discussion of the issues than to hide behind a virtual mask and shout partisan opinions into your phone?

Still, this is an interesting move on Periscope's part. The company is clearly taking aim at rival Snapchat, which has long enabled users to don digital masks -- the difference of course is that Periscope's overlays are applied directly to a live video feed rather than as a post production treatment for prerecorded video.

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