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Akuma is coming to 'Street Fighter V'

And he might look a little different. Still angry though.

Bulldog-faced bad-asss, and Street Fighter regular, Akuma is joining the Street Fighter V roster. The latest DLC character addition will be playable for the first time at PlayStation Experience on December 3rd at the Anaheim Center, as part of this year's Capcom Cup competition. The tease (and it's really merely a tease) was broadcast during Red Bull's Battle Grounds competition this weekend, offering not much more detail -- although I'm going to assume his V-Trigger special is going to be awesome. I mean, he's the man that brought us the mid-air fireball. C'mon.

As Event Hubs has spotted, some Akuma graphics have already surfaced on Capcom's Fighters Network portal, although this could well be an early concept or one of several alternate costumes. That said, I'm all for white, sleeveless, hoody-robes. We'll have to wait til early December to see.

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