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Your Fitbit stats will earn you a boost in 'NBA2K17'

If you manage to log 10,000 steps in a day.

The act of logging your steps with an activity tracker is good for meeting personal goals, but what if there was another use for hitting that target. Well, starting November 25th, tallying 10,000 steps with your Fitbit device will help improve your NBA2K17 gaming sessions. Next week, logging said number of steps in a day will earn you a temporary boost to your MyPlayer in the game to offer better on-court performance.

2K and Fitbit see the tie-in as a way to keep their users active in the real world by offering some virtual incentives for physical activity. When the feature goes live next week, Fitbit owners will need to connect their activity tracker with NBA2K17 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. After doing so, your step total will start counting towards the aforementioned in-game boost.

Once the 10,000 step goal is met, the game will alert you to apply at +5 boost to attributes and success rate to your MyPlayer for the next five games you play that day. We're talking enhanced performance for things like agility, layups and dunks, and more. It may be a small incentive, but hey, it's a little more than bragging rights among your friends.

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