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Twitter CEO apologizes for white supremacist promoted tweets

Jack Dorsey blames the company's automated system for allowing the ads.

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Louis Ascui/Fairfax Media/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Twitter rolled out new tools to help users combat abuse. That seemed to stir up a hornets' nest of white supremacists, as some Twitter users started noticing promoted tweets for those hate groups on their timelines. The company initially denied the veracity of those reports, but now CEO Jack Dorsey is offering up an apology and laying the blame on Twitter's automated approval systems.

Dorsey's response also follows Twitter's biggest moves yet against hate groups. The company banned several "alt-right" accounts yesterday, following their displeasure around the new troll blocking tools. Supporters of that movement also started a campaign to create "fake black people" accounts on the service to -- what else? -- cause a stir. Trolls gotta troll, after all.

Source: Jack Dorsey
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