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Everything you missed from 'The Game Awards'

Harambe jokes, 'Mass Effect: Andromeda,' and 'That Dragon, Cancer,' oh my!

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Each year that Geoff Keighley's Game Awards distances itself from its SpikeTV past, it gets subsequently less embarrassing to watch. And without a doubt, The Game Awards 2016 was the best show yet. Couldn't watch the stream? Well, that's too bad, but we've got you covered. Below you'll find a list of the night's big winners in addition to all the trailers that made their world premieres onstage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. There were a few emotional moments onstage as well, including Ryan Green accepting the Games for Impact award for That Dragon, Cancer; Keighley presenting his friend Hideo Kojima with a statue for Industry Icon and Nolan North throwing striking voice actors under the bus during his acceptance speech for best performance.

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Oh, and consider this an official plea for composer Mick Gordon to take the award-winning Doom soundtrack on tour. Seriously, just watch the performance embedded below and try saying that it wouldn't translate to a huge stage production ridiculously well. I mean, if Dethklok can do it...

  • Best eSports Game: Overwatch
  • Best eSports Team: Cloud 9
  • Best eSports Player: Coldzera - Marcelo David
  • Trending Gamer: Boogie2988
  • Most Anticipated Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Best Multiplayer: Overwatch
  • Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Horizon 3
  • Best Family Game: Pokemon Go
  • Best Strategy Game: Civilization 6
  • Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter V
  • Best RPG: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine
  • Best Action/Adventure: Dishonored 2
  • Best Action Game: Doom
  • Best VR Game: Rez Infinite
  • Best Mobile/Handheld Game: Pokemon Go
  • Best Independent Game: Inside
  • Games for Impact: That Dragon, Cancer
  • Best Performance: Nolan North as Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4
  • Best Music/Sound design: Doom
  • Best Art Direction: Inside
  • Best Narrative: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • Best Game Direction: Blizzard/Overwatch
  • Game of the Year: Overwatch

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