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The Morning After: Monday, December 5, 2016

What? There's a new 'Parappa' game?

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Yay, it's Monday morning!

As we wonder where the heck we packed our touchscreen-friendly gloves, last weekend was brought to you by Virgin's new spaceship, NFL deciding to go easy on GIFs and a whole bunch of new PlayStation games we didn't even know about.

SpaceShipTwo spreads its wings
Virgin Galactic tests its new spacecraft

Virgin Galactic's resurrected dreams of private spaceflight following the crash in 2014 centers around SpaceShipTwo. The company has successfully conducted the first glide test flight for the craft. However, it flew on its own power for just 10 minutes and never traveled faster than Mach 0.6. It's a start, though.

Sony's PlayStation Experience had a few surprises
'The Last of Us' has a sequel

Surprising everyone, The Last of Us: Part II was revealed in a somber-looking trailer at PlayStation Experience. The sequel to Naughty Dog's breakout 2013 action-adventure (which also picked up a PS4 update over the years) will feature major characters from the original game, now older and apparently filled with a desire for vengeance. Which is always a delightful video-game cocktail. Let's pray the controls aren't as awful.

Still no sweet GIF replays.
NFL loosens its policies on teams posting GIFs and videos

The NFL's current creaky social media rules look set to loosen up soon. A leaked memo outlines how the NFL will allow teams to post non-highlight GIFs and videos up to doubled limit of 16 clips. If they want to celebrate fans or the halftime show, they don't have to wait for the NFL to act first. The football organization is trying to balance those lucrative viewer eyeballs with the realities of, you know, the world wide web. The memo added that a "test agreement" will have Giphy serve as a source of "ancillary game and historical/iconic" GIFs, making it easier to surface embarrassing GIFs of your team's most passionate fans.

The drone is still off the shelves.GoPro sells the Karma's stabilizer grip by itself for $300

While the Karma drone itself is still in the workshop, GoPro has started selling the Karma Grip separately for $300. The stabilization wand takes the jitters out of your Hero5 Black or (with a $30 harness) Hero4 Black/Silver camera footage.

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