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The sequel to 'Alto's Adventure' is an 'Odyssey'

It looks like herding llamas on an endless ski slope was just the beginning.

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Built By Snowman

Built By Snowman has a busy year ahead of it. In addition to the recently announced Distant, the studio is also working on a sequel to its ultra-soothing endless-snowboarding game Alto's Adventure. Alto's Odyssey will be out sometime in 2017 but aside from that there aren't any details of what to expect.

"Whether it was creating new versions of Alto for different platforms, or updating the game with things like Photo Mode and Zen Mode, Alto's village is a place we've been coming back to every day," a blog post teases. So, it might be safe to expect that Odyssey will bring those features back to multiple platforms next year.

Judging by the gorgeous piece of promo art (above) that was released, it looks as though the scope could be much larger than Adventure's procedurally generated slopes. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but hopefully the sequel doesn't lose sight of what made its predecessor so special.

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