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'Mario Kart 64' is the Wii U Virtual Console's latest addition

... in all of the emulator's dim, washed out glory.

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Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

Sure, Mario Kart 8 is great and all, but if you wanted to see the original version of "Toad's Turnpike" on the Wii U, your options have been pretty limited. Tomorrow changes that, as Mario Kart 64 will release on the system's Virtual Console. Revisiting the Nintendo 64 game will run you $9.99, and for that you'll get off-TV play and dim, washed out graphics -- the latter is a staple for just about everything on Virtual Console.

Kart 64 is scheduled to come out on Wii U tomorrow, and if you already own it on the Wii Virtual Console it should only cost $2 for the upgrade. Need help passing the time between now and then? You could always take a few minutes to wonder if this, coupled Excitebike 64's recent re-issue, is a hint at the Switch's launch software. Then, laugh it off as being absolutely unrealistic because you know better.

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