Digital Storm's compact gaming PC is fast and upgrade-friendly

The Bolt X shows that SFF PCs don't always have to make major compromises.

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Digital Storm's compact gaming PC is fast and upgrade-friendly

It's tricky to find a small-form-factor PC that hits all the right notes. You can get easily expandable systems, but are they good-looking and as fast as a regular desktop? Digital Storm, at least, thinks it has everything nailed down. Its latest Bolt model, the Bolt X, promises to pair brisk performance with a slick design and easy expansion. To no one's surprise, the case is the big deal here. In addition to sporting a considerably cleaner look, it has both a vented base and top-mounted fans to improve the cooling. You can run overclocked processors and the "fastest" graphics cards in the Bolt X without cooking the insides, then. Digital Storm also vows painless upgrades through a "simplified" layout that lets you slot in fresh parts, including multiple storage drives.

The PC maker doesn't have pricing or configuration details available as we write this, but it's safe to say you can expect seventh-generation Core processors and options for speedy graphics cards like the GeForce GTX 10 series. It will be enough to handle your 4K and VR gaming sessions, Digital Storm says. Just don't expect the Bolt X to be cheap. The Bolt 3 started at $1,906, and you'll no doubt shell out considerably more than that if you insist on the most powerful hardware. The Bolt X is billed as a no-compromise machine, and it'll be priced accordingly.

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