Toyota's futuristic Concept-i, and more in the week that was

And so much more car news from CES.

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Toyota's futuristic Concept-i, and more in the week that was

After years of anticipation, Faraday Future unveiled its "Tesla-killer" FF91 electric car this week -- and it's even faster than a Model S in ludicrous mode. Meanwhile, Nissan announced that its next-gen Leaf EV will be able to drive itself on the highway, and Toyota debuted a futuristic concept car that takes the wheel when drivers get sleepy. China is making a huge investment in high-speed rail to the tune of over $500 billion, and Israel is testing electric roads that wirelessly charge electric vehicles as they drive.

Costa Rica has invested heavily in alternative energy, and it's paying off in spades: The nation 1.5 million electric vehicles a year. Israel is building the world's tallest solar tower, which will power 130,000 households once it's complete. A company in India has developed a groundbreaking new technology to transform carbon pollution into harmless baking powder. And China just announced plans to invest $361 billion in renewable energy projects by the year 2020.

NASA just unveiled its vision for a habitat on Mars, and it's wrapped in an icy shell that provides protection and views of the surrounding world. In other design and technology news, Amazon has filed a patent for flying warehouses in the sky that could deliver products using drones. Architects in Iran developed a bowl-shaped roof that harvests rainwater while providing natural cooling. And Inhabitat visited an off-grid village in the Middle East that is taking advantage of game-changing green building strategies.

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