'Halo' developer hints it could revive a scrapped Mega Bloks game

The Lego-like title was never meant to be, but something like it might be on the way.

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'Halo' developer hints it could revive a scrapped Mega Bloks game

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz around footage PtoPOnline posted of a scrapped, Mega Bloks-themed Halo action game. Why did it get the axe when its mix of shooting and construction looks like a blast to play? You're not about to get that exact title, but you might see something like it in the future. In a news update acknowledging the leaked game (known internally as Project Haggar), current Halo developer 343 Industries has said that there may be a game "along these lines" as a result of all the "positive support and feedback" from fans watching the Mega Bloks clip.

That's far from a guarantee, but 343 founder Bonnie Ross is quick to acknowledge that Haggar included plenty of "fun ideas and invention." The company also continues "exploring" projects beyond its main game development, she adds.

PtoP speculates that the Mega Bloks game was likely a victim of bad timing. The team (N-Space) prototyped the title on the Xbox 360 in 2013 -- you know, the same year the Xbox One arrived. Microsoft and 343 might not have cared enough about the project to carry it over to the newer console. That's a shame (especially given the popularity of Lego games), but the reaction to the leak suggests that the development time wasn't spent completely in vain.

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