Smart air freshener lets you select scents with your phone

Now you can mask the smell of those farts with a touch of a virtual button.

Thanks to the internet of things, we have the ability to control our home's lighting and temperature at the touch of a button. But what about the smell? For that, we're left with shoving a Glade plug-in air freshener into a socket or opening a window. That's set to change with the introduction of Moodo, a SensorWake-esque device that's designed to customize your home's scent at will.

Moodo is, essentially, a diffusion machine that'll blow air through up to four capsules at a time, each one full of differently-scented crystals. The capsules will come in various flavors, such as "Precious Spices," "Eucalyptus Nights" and "Sandal Wood." Users will then be able to use the companion app to blend each of the scents to create a unique aroma. You can also buy pre-set scent families that set a specific mood, from cozy cottage (Cozzzy) through to a floral scene (Gardens of Isphahan).

Much like other smart home devices, like Philips' Hue, Moodo comes with a variety of pre-set patterns for your ease of use. But if your custom concoction is good enough, you can share it with the community and receive other patterns back. In addition, you can set "fragrance playlists" that'll change your room's general pong across an evening should you be throwing a party.

Obviously, like any outlandish gadget, Moodoo is debuting on Indiegogo looking for your cash to begin production. Early birds looking to snag the gadget on the cheap can do so by throwing $139 for a box and four capsules, while two devices and 48 capsules will set you back $518 -- rather than the $1,000 it'll cost at retail. How much is a bottle of Febreze again?