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AmpMe's speaker-linking app adds access to your Spotify library

The mobile software continues to get more useful.
AmpMe's speaker-linking app adds access to your Spotify library
Billy Steele
Billy Steele|February 2, 2017 11:00 AM

When AmpMe arrived in late 2015, the app that links phone and tablet speakers for a more robust audio setup only played tunes from SoundCloud. Shortly after launch, an update added the ability for users to access any locally stored music through the app. Now the company is piping in songs from the biggest streaming service of them all: Spotify.

As you might expect, AmpMe says the ability to tap into Spotify's massive song library was the most requested feature. All you have to do is add your credentials for that streaming service in the AmpMe app and you'll be able to get the music going quickly. Of course, the app not only syncs phones and tablets for a multi-speaker setup, it also works with those portable Bluetooth speakers as well. In terms of where you can pull music from, AmpMe is still limited to SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and your local files so it will be interesting to see if the company continues to add more options in the future.

As part of today's update, the app will also let you know when a fellow AmpMe user has joined your mobile audio "party." The software automatically detects any "parties" that are going on nearby, making it easy to join so long as you already have the app installed. AmpMe will also sync with any connected Bluetooth speakers that are part of the festivities. If you've yet to give the device-syncing app a go, you can download it now via the App Store or Google Play.

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AmpMe's speaker-linking app adds access to your Spotify library