LG's G6 invite drops more hints about the 'Big Screen' phone

With the Galaxy S8 missing MWC, LG could capitalize.

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Richard Lawler
February 7, 2017 12:51 AM
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LG's G6 invite drops more hints about the 'Big Screen' phone

As usual, LG is continuing to slowly drop hints about its big product unveiling ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017 next month. Our official invite to the launch event for its next flagship mobile phone has arrived and positions the G6 as having a "Big Screen...That Fits." The words and diagram continue to hint at a device with minimal bezel, which backs up images previously leaked. LG itself already revealed the device's unique 18:9 ratio display -- branded "Full Vision" -- and promises it won't explode.

Since Samsung's Galaxy S8 debut will be delayed, something has to grab the spotlight in Barcelona and maybe the G6 is that phone. We'll find out on February 26th.

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