LG teases the G6's launch for February

The device will arrive in the world on February 26th.

Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us, allowing portions of the mobile world to show off the new devices that they've been working on. The smartphone world may be ossifying, but LG's undeterred, and is sending out teasers for the G6 that'll debut the day before the event kicks off. There's not much to be gleaned from the invitation, beyond that the unveiling will happen in Barcelona at lunchtime on February 26th.

LG's not one to keep surprises back for its press conferences, so it's already spilled plenty of facts about the forthcoming G6. For instance, we know that the company has rowed back on modular design after the G5's lukewarm reception. The company has also said that the G6 will have an 18:9 display, meaning that it'll be a little taller than a regular 16:9 smartphone screen. At a guess, that extra height will be used to bring some split-display features over from LG's V10 and V20 devices, which had a second screen for notifications. LG also wanted to remind everyone that its new device won't catch fire, unlike some devices it could name from its more successful Korean rivals.

LG will also probably use the moment to show off its two new Android Wear smartwatches, that are expected to arrive a few weeks beforehand. Renders for both devices, running Android Wear 2.0, were leaked earlier this week, showing off the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style. The current thinking is that Google will host its own event to unveil its long-gestating operating system on February 9th, but you never can tell.