LG is very proud that the G6 doesn't catch fire

It's a little too eager to tout basic safety as an advantage over Samsung.

SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

What do you think the LG G6's tentpole feature will be? The extra-tall display? The slicker, not-so-modular design? Nope. If you ask LG right now, it's about... not blowing up. The company tells the Korea Herald that it will "significantly improve" the safety of the G6, no doubt in a bid to court jilted Galaxy Note 7 buyers worried about battery fires. It's testing the phone more rigorously, including extreme heat and harsh drop tests. Also, the design will both spread out hot-running parts and use a heat pipe to disperse all that extra warmth. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, not quite.

Here's the problem: a lot of what LG is doing isn't exceptional. Remember, the Galaxy S7 also includes a heat pipe -- LG is catching up, not breaking new ground. And isn't a basic level of safety something that every phone should always have? It's good to hear that the G6 should be reliable, but LG is really just trying to seize on Samsung's misfortunes to sell more devices. We're much more interested in the G6's technological breakthroughs than its lack of explosions.