First-Time Buyers Using Technology To Make A House A Home

Matthew Marley
M. Marley|02.09.17

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Matthew Marley
February 9th, 2017
First-Time Buyers Using Technology To Make A House A Home
First-Time Buyers Using Technology To Make A House A Home

Buying a home for the first time has always been a somewhat daunting task, but the advent of so many technical innovations in and around the home have made it far more user-friendly. There will be some people, of course, who will be more confused than ever before about home ownership, but those who have embraced technology will look to incorporate some highly impressive gadgets and gizmos from the outset.

First and foremost, searching for the right property is easier than ever before nowadays. Also, thanks to the latest search engines, home-seekers can tailor searches to match their requirements perfectly, filtered by location, size, price and various other specifications. Email alerts will also allow them to find out about available homes ahead of the rest of the pack.

There was a time when wealthy people could afford butlers, but nowadays we can all have our very own assistant in the home thanks to Amazon Alexa and, after a UK release sometime in the future, Google Home. Electronic assistants are becoming increasingly common now, and first-time buyers who seek brand new properties may one day find them already incorporated into the home as standard.

New homes are ready homes

The design and construction of new homes in the UK invariably include modifications for cable or satellite TV, Wi-Fi and various utilities. Another new development is one that purchasers are increasingly keen on, in part because it can save them a great deal of money. Smart thermostats are controllable from a mobile phone, and the best on the market have become increasingly intuitive in recent months.

And while we're on the subject of saving money, high-tech light bulbs are designed to last longer and use less energy in the process. In addition to these valuable plus points, many of them will now work with Alexa and other platforms. The days when we had to scrabble around in the dark looking for a light switch are coming to an end, and that's good news for anyone who comes home struggling with some heavy shopping.

Home security is often a top priority for home buyers, and many of the best security cameras on the market are ideal for the domestic market. Even the most basic models incorporate a great range of features, including motion-detect activation, HD screen quality and wide angle lenses. First-time buyers who want total secrecy can purchase cameras which look like clocks, mirrors and even air fresheners.

In control even when you aren't at home

Smart plugs bring us a degree of control that was perhaps unimaginable only a few years ago. Wi-Fi enabled and controlled externally by our mobile phones, they allow us to switch various appliances on and off even when we aren't at home. If you'd like to activate heaters, lights or air conditioners just before you get home at the end of the day, you can do so with ease.

With more and more home gadgets relying on a good, strong Wi-Fi connection, we have become increasingly aware of the need to avoid skimping on routers, connectors and hubs. There are several to choose from on the current market, but given the fact that we know how fast improvements can come along it would perhaps be prudent to invest in appliances which are future-proof.

The property market is a busy, ever-changing entity, and keeping tabs on developments isn't always easy. The good news for potential buyers is that the internet plays host to a comprehensive selection of informative websites. A guide to buying property for the first time can make the difference between a smooth purchase and a long, complicated ordeal.

First-Time Buyers Using Technology To Make A House A Home

Stay on target by staying on budget

It isn't always easy to keep tabs on the spending sometimes, and this is particularly true for first-time buyers. There are so many payments to take into consideration – far more than just the monthly mortgage commitment – and the best way to remain on track is to plan ahead. Accurate budgeting always helps, and there are several software applications which can do the job in style.

While the concept of a robot butler may seem a long way off, our most modern homes are already capable of performing a wide range of functions on our behalf. Some fridges are able to keep track of which items have been consumed, for example, and will even remind us of what we need to order on our next visit to the grocery store, or the next visit to the store's app, of course.

First-time buyers who are keen to buy brand new properties will often have a choice of houses and flats which offer a range of eco-friendly benefits. Everything from the bricks used in construction to the energy source will be greener and more sustainable. As more and more homes do their bit for the planet, it may be that older residences will start to be seen as unwanted white elephants.

We all love a nice garden, but of course keeping this area in tip-top condition can be hard work. Those people who don't have the time, the energy or the money to keep everything in bloom may want to consider automatic watering systems which are able to monitor the local weather forecasts in order to remain as effective as possible. Inside and out, technology is helping to make life for home owners easier than ever.
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