Subaru secures permit to test self-driving car in California

There are now 22 companies testing their autonomous vehicle tech in the state.

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Subaru secures permit to test self-driving car in California

The list of automakers that can test their self-driving cars in California is getting less and less exclusive by the minute. Its latest addition? Subaru. The Japanese company has secured an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit from the state's DMV on February 9th, bringing the total number to 22. Some Subaru models already have assisted driving features thanks to their camera-based Eyesight system, such as adaptive cruise control, sway warning and pre-collision braking.

However, the company is developing new capabilities meant to kick in while doing speeds of up to 40 mph, including the ability to auto-start and stop in slow traffic. Subaru also wants to offer lane switching and auto-steering around bends and curves -- semi-autonomous driving capabilities for highways -- by 2020. It's unclear what features Subaru will be testing exactly, and if they're any of these. All that's certain is that it's joining both big-name and little-known companies on California roads, like NVIDIA, Ford, Good and Baidu.

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