Sling TV launches new Extra channel bundles

For cord cutters who need a little more variety.

AFP/Getty Images

It's no secret that Sling wants to overthrow the sluggish cable providers. But as more an more people start cutting the cord, Sling is finding out that some of them aren't quite ready to ditch the channel packages that they're used to. Now, to cover the middle ground between broadcast TV, streaming services and a complete cable replacement, Sling is introducing new channel bundles for fans of Comedy, News, Lifestyle or Children's programming.

The four new "Extras" bundles, as Sling is calling them, cost $5 per month a la carte,or $20 per month for all four plus Sling Orange service. With Sling Blue plus Sling Orange service, you'll end up with 90 channels total for $50 per month.

For the curious, the Kids Extra package expands on Sling's extensive children's lineup with the addition of Boomerang. Lifestyle Plus Extra includes programming from VH1, the Cooking Channel and the Hallmark Channel. News Extra includes CNN, HLN and the BBC, while Comedy Plus Extra adds Spike, MTV and the Gameshow Network.