Recommended Reading: Netflix has a dud in Marvel's 'Iron Fist'

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Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Netflix's run of generating buzz with its Marvel original series has come to an end. The fourth show, Iron Fist, debuts next week and the reviews are already here. The prevailing sentiment is that the show suffers not only from appropriation and a lack of diversity, but that it's also just plain boring to watch. The Verge details the show's storytelling failures along the way. And yes, you should expect spoilers.

Facebook, Rushing Into Live Video, Wasn't Ready for Its Dark Side
Deepa Seetharaman, Wall Street Journal

It's no secret that Facebook has struggled with violent live videos on its site and WSJ reports that it overlooked consequences in a rush to get the feature to users.

'The Americans' Feels More Dire and Tense in Season 5
Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

One of the best shows on television returned this week and its Cold War subject matter feels more timely and poignant that ever.

Activists Are Projecting Digital 'Calligraffiti' Onto Walls in Berlin
DJ Pangburn, Creators

This story from Berlin is a neat one. Refugees are getting their message out with intricate calligraphy that's projected onto public surfaces as part of a project aided by the Public Art Lab.

Video Game Designers Are Creating Their Own Version of Mixtapes
Caty McCarthy, Kotaku

Video games and mixtapes. What's not to love about this piece from Kotaku.