'Parappa The Rapper Remastered' comes to PS4 on April 4th

'What Remains of Edith Finch' and 'Full Throttle Remastered' are also included in the ‘Play Collective’ promotion.

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Downloading games from digital platforms is one of the great boons of our internet-equipped future, but holiday sales ramp up their value to a whole other level. But they also periodically run small flash sales to highlight overlooked titles. 'Play Collective' is a new promotion giving discounts on a handpicked selection of games coming into the PlayStation Store. PS Plus members knock 20 percent off the sticker price of six titles, including a couple remastered old friends from gaming days past: Parappa The Rapper and the LucasArts classic Full Throttle.

If digging into text adventure and rap rhythm gems of yore isn't your thing, the other games in the promotion sample other genres. Everything is a long-awaited reality sim letting players inhabit, well, everything in the game. Rain World follows a slugcat's treacherous journey plumbing subterranea to find its lost family. Cosmic Star Heroine is a 16-bit RPG throwback following a space-roaming spy uncovering a conspiracy to end life in the cosmos. The last, What Remains of Edith Finch, puts players in the titular Edith's first-person shoes as she explores her cursed family's Washington home and discover why she's the last of her name.

Since 'Play Collective' is more a curated Editor's Pick list than a batch sale, titles will slowly launch over a six-week rollout, starting with Everything on March 21st and ending with Edith Finch on April 25th. Just remember that the discount only applies to preorders, so lock those in before each game goes live.

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