McDonald's tests mobile ordering on coastal elite

In parts of California and Washington, Big Mac orders are only a tap away.


If you've ever thought that fast food wasn't fast enough, then it looks like McDonald's latest initiative has you covered. The takeout chain has begun trialling mobile ordering at restaurants in Monterey and Salinas, California. Hungry patrons will now be able to select their meal on the way to their nearest location for instant collection. The app will even use your GPS data to determine when your burgers start getting cooked, ensuring your food stays warm and fresh. When you arrive, you just pay through the app and grab that famous brown bag from the counter, drive-thru or curbside collection point.

The California-only trial will run until March 20th, when residents of Spokane, Washington will also get access to the service. With the three cities housing a total of 80 different McDonald's, its a solid test to see how prepared the global restaurant chain is for the full US rollout later this year. No date has been set for the full nationwide service, but McDonald's claims that all 14,000 of its American branches will be ready to handle mobile preorders when the system goes live.

It may not be as exciting as the company's recent super-engineered shake straw, but hey - if we can all get a burger quicker, we're happy.