Robot Nathan Fillion is here to make you think 'Destiny 2' is charming

The first reveal for Bungie's next game is a teaser for a teaser.


You'd think with its shooter MMO Destiny receiving its final content addition today, its creator Bungie would give it a moment gracefully riding into the sunset before championing its replacement. But an image leaked earlier this week sparked rumors of a September 8th release date for its sequel, which is seriously called Destiny 2, might have forced the studio's hand to release...a teaser for the game's official trailer, coming out this Thursday at 10 AM ET. Yeah.

That said, who doesn't want more Nathan Fillion? The short has the voice actor's character, the wisecracking quest-giver Cayde-6 from the first Destiny, jawing on about this one time he shot up some dudes. Everything is pretty, including the rubble. If you take anything from this teaser, enjoy the spiffed-up graphics.

Otherwise, they've nothing to announce -- but Sony does. Apparently, the sequel won't follow the first game's lead in keeping its console-exclusive content permanently, well, exclusive. If Destiny 2 really launches on all platforms in September, PS4 owners will get a year of bragging rights before its extra content also comes to Xbox One in Fall 2018, as confirmed in the last few seconds of the PlayStation YouTube channel's version of the teaser. Not that we know what that content is yet, but boy, those Sony kids will have it.