Roadside assistance is T-Mobile's latest connected car freebie

There's also a new, more affordable payment option.

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T-Mobile's SyncUP Drive dongle has enabled drivers to add 4G LTE connectivity, vehicle diagnostics and GPS monitoring to their older cars since the service rolled out in November. Now, the carrier is adding another feature that should serve subscribers well in cases of emergency: free roadside assistance. T-Mobile has teamed up with AllState Motor Club Roadside Assistance to provide tows, jumps and tire changes via the SyncUP Drive app. In addition, the Uncarrier is also offering a new payment plan that lets you get the $150 Drive dongle for a downpayment of $48 and 24 monthly installments of $2. That is, if you sign up for a 2GB or higher data plan.

Of course, T-Mobile isn't the only major network to offer a service for vehicles. AT&T and Verizon already have competing options that also plug into the onboard diagnostics port of compatible cars. But today's announcement gives T-Mobile a slight edge over its rivals, with a service that could be truly useful to drivers in critical situations. Existing SyncUP users will have to update their apps to access the new service and enroll with AllState Motor Club before they can use it.

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