Intel's 360 replay tech is coming to more NFL stadiums

The technology is already at work in Baltimore, Houston and San Francisco.

Intel/Fox Sports

The National Football League just announced that it's moving its Thursday Night Football streaming coverage from Twitter to Amazon, but there's more news to share this week. Through its on-going partnership with Intel, the NFL plans to install the company's 360 replay tech in more stadiums before the 2017 season kicks off. Right now, the setup is only available in Baltimore, Houston and San Francisco, but it will be in place for more teams this fall.

Intel acquired Replay Technologies and its so-called freeD 360 tech just over a year ago. The system was used for NBA and MLB games as well as college football. Most recently, 360 replays and "Be the Player" views were part of Fox Sports' Super Bowl LI coverage. The whole thing is powered by camera setups that capture 5K visuals and Intel servers that can process up to one terabyte of data per 15-30-second clip. Each stadium where this is installed will have both the cameras and the servers on-site to get replay footage to producers quickly.

Today's announcement doesn't reveal exactly which other NFL stadiums will get the 360 tech before the 2017 season starts, but you can bet the league will announce more details before players take the field. When the time comes, freeD 360 replays, "Be the Player" views and other content will be available on, the NFL Mobile app and the league's YouTube channel. Intel and the NFL also say they will work with teams and broadcasters on using the technology -- something else we'll likely hear more about in the near future.