Periscope opens 360-degree broadcasts to everyone

You'll need a compatible camera, but now there's one less barrier to entry.

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When Periscope debuted live 360-degree broadcasting late last year, it was only available to a handful of users. That changes now. A tweet from the company announced that as of today anyone who's broadcasting either from the iOS app (with an attached Insta360 Nano) or via the Producer software can be part of the spherical zeitgeist. Periscope says that you'll need the Producer app specifically if you want to do a 360 broadcast from an Android phone, in addition to a Ricoh Theta S or Orah 4i.

Honestly, until we have more cameras capable of grabbing 360-degree video (and, more important than that, cheaper and smaller ones) this probably isn't going to see a lot of use outside of the people who'd have utilized it in the first place. Still, it's good to see Periscope remove at least one of the barriers to entry.

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