Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever couldn't top 'Zelda'

NPD: 906k Switch consoles sold in March, plus 925k copies of 'Breath of the Wild' for Switch.


Nintendo has been proclaiming that the Switch is its fastest-selling console ever since the system launched, but now it has numbers to back that up. Based on NPD reports, it says the Switch sold 906,000 units in the US in March. What's surprising, however, is that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not just its fastest-selling launch title of all time, its Switch version actually outsold the console, moving 925,000 copies (add 460,000 for the Wii U and you have 1.3 million total).

According to Nintendo, reaching an attach rate of over 100 percent could be attributed to people buying limited editions of the game to collect plus a second copy to play. Whatever it is, the game, and system, both sold well and it sounds like things are well on their way to meeting or beating Nintendo's scaled-back projections. We should find out more about its worldwide sales performance when Nintendo issues its quarterly earnings report on April 27th.