Indie charmer 'TumbleSeed' will arrive on Nintendo Switch May 2nd

It'll also be available on PC and PlayStation 4 the same day.

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Greg Wohlwend, Benedict Fritz
Greg Wohlwend, Benedict Fritz

Okay, so you've had your Nintendo Switch for awhile. Ganon's corpse is but a speck in the proverbial rearview mirror and hunting for the last remaining shrines in Breath of the Wild isn't all that interesting. What's a person to do? Well, that's where indie games come in. And for the purposes of this article, we're talking about TumbleSeed specifically. The charming rogue-like about climbing a mountain as a tiny future-flora will be released to Nintendo's latest console May 2nd. That's only a few weeks away!

As a refresher, you're controlling the titular TumbleSeed (the pink eye-looking thing above) on its way up a mountain and battling its possessed inhabitants along the way. If you're defeated before reaching the summit, you have to start over from basecamp. Every time. It comes to us from the team behind the simple yet addictive Threes and Ridiculous Fishing, and its aesthetics and play style could be a perfect fit for the Switch.

"TumbleSeed has a lot of the same values a Nintendo game has," developer Greg Wohlwend told us earlier this year. "It's colorful and easy to get into. But it also has a lot of the things from the NES days, especially difficulty.

"We've spent a ton of energy on getting TumbleSeed to fit that combination of natural-to-learn mixed with challenging and fun, even after playing for two years."

Given the pick-up-and-play nature of the game and how easy it is to swap between big and small screens with the Switch, this might be a breakout hit for the system. No Switch? It's also coming to PC and PlayStation 4.

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