Spin your yacht rock playlist from Spotify in Facebook Messenger

Don't worry, Apple Music will work too.


If you want to listen to Run the Jewels in Facebook Messenger, you'll totally be able to do that. From the F8 stage, Facebook's David Marcus announced that soon you'll be able to share tracks from both Apple Music and Spotify within the app -- all without the need to have either of the music streaming services installed on your phone. Marcus' example? RTJ's ode to El-P's and Killer Mike's significant others, "Stay Gold" from Run the Jewels 3.

Music is a part of the greater Chat Extensions push to make Messenger conversations a little more lively without having to leave the app. Music integrations, specifically, are similar to what Twitter has been doing for the past year or so.

Now, will Messenger suggest music based on what you're talking about? Hopefully not. If the app's current context-deaf suggestions for quick replies or in-app payments are any indication, we're in for a bumpy ride regardless of the soundtrack.

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