Samsung is helping Sennheiser bring 3D audio to Android

Samsung and Sennheiser are promising more immersive sound on your phone.


When Sennheiser unveiled the first earbuds to use its Ambeo 3D audio technology, it limited them to iOS users. Are they ever going to come to Android? Yes, apparently -- with some help. Sennheiser has revealed that it's partnering with Samsung to bring Smart Surround's binaural, recording-based sound to Android devices. The company's Andreas Sennheiser says the collaboration is necessary for "credibility." South Korea is "one of the most technology-savvy countries," he says, and makes an ideal testing ground for new hardware. We'd add that Samsung is also the dominant Android phone maker, so any support from its side virtually guarantees a solid foothold in the market.

There are still plenty of unknowns outside of the expected release sometime in the second half of 2017. Will there be Samsung-branded models, or Samsung-specific features? Will you need a relatively recent phone? And of course, we still don't know the price. However, the team-up will definitely help with availability -- you won't have to be too picky about your choice of handset to find out whether or not Sennheiser's technology is as immersive as it's supposed to be.