South Korean presidential candidate campaigns with 'Starcraft' maps

Going for that mainstream appeal.

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How should politicians connect with younger voters? How do you cut through the relentless waves of promises, speeches and the rest? If you're South Korean presidential candidate Moon Jae-in, you take to Starcraft. Perhaps even more surprisingly, he's actually a legitimate, tenable candidate who could well be the country's next leader, according to recent polls. Moon Jae-in has launched two free maps on his campaign blog, a clever idea in a country that loves it some Starcraft.

He hasn't gone to too much effort, though. As Kotaku explains, the map is merely an existing one, recast with a huge pile of all-important minerals that spell out "1 Moon Jae-In" in the middle. We're assuming that the it's meant to convey the prosperity that Jae-In believes he can bring to South Korean voters. Well, there's never been a better time to get on that Starcraft hype train.

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