New 'Sonic Forces' footage feels a lot like 'Generations'

Sega shows classic Sonic doing what he does best.

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For the last few months, SEGA has been playing coy with Sonic Forces-- first only little else beside the game's name and the usual promises of greatness. Then, earlier this month, a new trailer teased new levels for "Classic Sonic," the 1990s version of the character that co-starred in 2011's Sonic Generations. Today, Sega Europe uploaded a new gameplay video to YouTube confirming what many fans suspected: Sonic Forces is basically going to be a Sonic Generations sequel.

It's not an unexpected revelation, but it's a nice thing to know for sure. Generations was generally well reviewed, and did a great job both establishing and celebrating the differences between "Classic" and "Modern" Sonic -- but some fans saw it as a jack of all trades, but master of none. To its credit, the new gameplay trailer looks like a competent recreation of Green Hill Zone. Fans of the original Generations game, at least, have something to look forward to.

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