Google Trips is now more helpful for anyone afraid to fly

The app has three new features, including support for bus and train reservations.


Last year, Google released Trips, an app for iOS and Android that helps you keep track of your itinerary while traveling. It automatically collects information from your Gmail inbox, organizes it and makes it available offline. It even offers suggestions on things to see and do. Now, it's getting some new features that will make it an even better vacation guide.

Trips will now let you make manual changes to your itineraries. By tapping the "+" button in the bottom right corner, you can add new details like your airline and flight number, or the name of your hotel, even if you don't have an email confirmation. Also, if you're traveling by train or bus, Trips will now organize those reservations for you. Previously, it only handled flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations. Another new feature lets you share your itineraries with others, something that's no doubt useful if you're traveling in a group.

While today's changes bring it more in-line with competing travel apps like TripIt, Trips likely has little appeal for anyone outside of the Google ecosystem. Thanks to Google's vast amount of location data, however, it has an impressive list of restaurants, activities and landmarks, and it will personalize suggestions based on your interests. That alone might make it worth looking into if you're in the market for a new travel app.