McDonald's will satisfy your Big Mac craving with UberEats delivery

The fast-food giant is expanding its delivery service.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|04.27.17

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Scott Olson via Getty Images
Scott Olson via Getty Images

McDonald's already tried delivering Quarter Pounder combo meals via Uber in Florida and now the fast-food restaurant it ready to expand the option. Crain's Chicago Business reports that McDonald's will launch its delivery option in more cities before the end of June. And yes, it's still powered by UberEats.

That original testing phase included 200 locations in Florida, and for now, there's no word on exactly where the delivery option is headed next. Those details are likely to come soon, so you might be able to satisfy your Big Mac craving without leaving the house in the near future. For now, McDonald's is trying to perfect the process of accepting orders, finding the right packaging for deliveries and tackling other "operational challenges." The company also tried its hand at delivery in 2015 with help from Postmates. That initiative is limited to New York City, though.

Delivery isn't the only move McDonald's is making to meet the needs of diners in 2017. The company began testing mobile ordering and payments back in March, a feature of its app that's now available for 400 locations in Chicago, California, Washington state and the DC area. The plan is for every location to have the mobile ordering system in place eventually. As part of the Uber news, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook explained that restaurant redesigns and digital options like mobile ordering are top priorities over the next two years.

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