Nerdcore artist Mega Ran takes us on a Gameboy nostalgia trip

How many references can you spot?

Mega Ran

Nerdcore artist Mega Ran has a new video out today and it's full of Nintendo nostalgia. Church ft. KadeshFlow is a fun homage to the 8-bit visual style popularized by the GameBoy in the late 1980s. In the video, Mega Ran and KadeshFlow make their way through a green dot-matrix world full of retro gaming references to battle ghosts at Alex Trebek's house (Trebek has been a favored target of the nerdcore community ever since he called them "losers" on an episode of Jeopardy!).

For the uninitiated, nerdcore is a sub-genre of hip-hop obsessed (unsurprisingly) with all things nerdy. Its songs typically focus on pop culture topics like video games, Star Wars, Stranger Things and Harry Potter. Anything an artist feels passionately about is fair game. "Anytime that I can use my platform to make people aware of things they might not be familiar with, and I can do it in an artistic manner, that's what I'm going to do," Mega Ran told us in an interview last year. "It's great to have the kind of freedom we have to talk about whatever we want without having to fall into a format of genre or subject matter limitations."

"If I can play a part in people being comfortable enough with themselves to talk about the things they love, using the vehicle of rap music, it's a good thing," he added. Well, we're definitely comfortable enough to talk about anything Gameboy and Nerdcore related, so job done Mega Ran?