Uber puts you in control of your user data

The service says it isn't a protest response, but the timing is interesting.

AOL/Steve Dent

Uber is making removing the hurdles to deleting your account entirely. Like so many other services, simply uninstalling the app from your phone doesn't wipe your data on the company's servers. Not any more, according to The Verge. Rather than having to contact Uber support to eliminate your personal information, a forthcoming update adds the feature to the app itself. From the privacy settings you'll apparently be able to start a 30-day countdown, and after the clock hits zero your customer data will go the way of the dodo.

This isn't a response to the #deleteUber social media campaign, the company stressed, telling The Verge that the feature has been in the the works for "more than a year."

Beyond that, the update will give you a little more control over how your location is used within the app. A new feature will let you drop a pin to show your friends where you are and it sounds like you'll be able to disable GPS services entirely for more privacy.

You'll have to enter an address for pickups by hand, versus the app automatically pinpointing where you are, however. You know, in case you think that sharing an intersection versus your home's or destination's address is a bit too open to Big Brother. Is it enough to get you to come back to the ride-hailing service? Let us know in the comments.