Shield your address from Uber by using cross streets

You can now put in cross streets instead of a full address when getting picked up or dropped off.

Steve Dent / Engadget

If you haven't deleted Uber yet, the ride-hailing service has actually added a pretty useful feature today designed to protect user privacy. When you're typing in either a destination or pickup location, you can now enter two cross streets and get picked up or dropped off there. This helps shield your actual home address or destination from the driver. Of course, you've been able to do this when getting picked up by simply dragging the map pin to a specific location, but that doesn't help you when you're heading home.

Uber says it's making this change at rider request-- the company says that many riders have wanted to not share any private information when using Uber, including specific requests. And if you've set up a home or work address in Uber to make it quicker to get where you're going, you can change that to an intersection if you prefer, as well. Uber says this is rolling out to every city in the US that the company operates in, but it also notes that not all combos may immediately show up. In that case, you're advised to put in your exact address and then drag the pin to where you want to go.

Lyft has supported intersections for a while now -- its mapping system is powered by Google Maps, which has long recognized dropping two streets into its search. Regardless, there are still plenty of Uber users out there who can benefit from increased privacy features. The new features is live now in the Uber app for iOS and Android.