Twitch is launching a new live show about sneaker culture

'FreshStock' premiers on Thursday, May 11th.

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Now that Twitch is helping its community of streamers grow into professional broadcasters and expanding into original content, the popular social video platform is also ready to move beyond the gaming world and flip the switch on some new, regularly scheduled programming. On May 11th, Twitch will premiere a weekly, live and interactive show called FreshStock, celebrating everything there is to love about sneakers and sneaker culture.

According to Twitch, the show will feature staffers and "resident sneaker freaks" Bash "Bashlol" Mussa and Ray "Hypebeast" Li alongside weekly special guests showing off the latest sneaker releases and their own personal style. Each episode will follow Bash, Ray and their guests as they check out San Francisco's local sneaker boutiques, discuss their favorites and dive into brand histories along the way. Rounding out the episodes will be live DJ performances, special guest appearances from "fashion icons" and interactive segments where viewers at home can comment, vote and generally show some hype in the chat.

FreshStock kicks off Thursday, May 11th at 11 AM PT with special guest Zhieeep.

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