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Apple Music's new documentary shows Harry Styles getting a haircut

Apparently it's a big deal.

Apple Music

Boy-band heartthrob Harry Styles is the latest artist to get the Apple Music documentary treatment -- Harry Styles: Behind the Album lands on May 15th exclusively on Apple Music. The doc follows Styles, a former member of the British pop group One Direction, as he puts together his debut solo album (and gets at least one major haircut).

Apple Music has been steadily expanding its slate of exclusive, original content, especially when it comes to video. The app is getting a redesign this year that puts video front-and-center, and Apple has already secured shows like Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps, plus documentaries about Cash Money Records and Bad Boy Records. Apple Music's lineup of exclusive programming includes Taylor Swift's 1989 tour, a series about new artists called Up Next, and documentaries about Clive Davis and the iconic 808 drum machine.

The Harry Styles announcement represents a mainstream, coordinated approach to Apple Music's video content and marketing: The company tweeted about the documentary as Styles performed on Today for the first time ever as a solo artist. Fans apparently camped out for days to see his debut.

Apple is probably hoping they'll do the same, at least virtually, for his Apple Music documentary.