Cult action game 'Vanquish' powerslides its way onto PCs

SEGA brings its second Platinum Games title to Steam in as many months.

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A month after SEGA brought Bayonetta to Steam, the publisher has now seen fit to throw PC owners another Platinum Games-shaped bone. Coming to the platform on May 25th, $20 will net gamers a souped-up version of third person slide-em-up -- Vanquish. The long-awaited port will support unlocked framerates and resolutions, allowing sadistic PC players to make this game look slightly shinier, and feel even faster. As well as support for 4K (and higher) resolutions, Vanquish on PC also offers keyboard and mouse control, along with all the inbuilt Steam functionality you'd expect.

In a bid to make Platinum Games fans even happier, SEGA is offering anyone who bought last month's Bayonetta port 25% off Vanquish. To those who didn't, a pre-order of the Steam release will still net you The Digital Deluxe Edition - featuring a soundtrack sampler, digital artbook, exclusive wallpapers and Steam avatar images.

Developed by Resident Evil mastermind, Shinji Mikami, Platinum's Vanquish took the slow and cumbersome third person shooter and injected it with an unrivaled sense of style and speed. Imagine a Gears of War game set to the blistering pace of Wipeout, then inject a healthy dose of action movie tropes and you're about halfway there. It was this combination of masterfully crafted action and wonderfully nonsensical story that made me fall in love with it in 2010. Now, seven years later, PC gamers can finally see what all the fuss was about.

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