Charge through 'Resident Evil 4' yet again on August 30th

Relive one of gaming's best boss fights one more time.

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Capcom (PC version)
Capcom (PC version)

Capcom announced that Resident Evil 4 was getting re-released on modern consoles earlier this year, but now exactly when the best modern entry in the series will surface. And it's a little earlier than expected, too. Previously, all the publisher/developer revealed was an ambiguous "fall" timeframe. Now? You'll be able to experience one of gaming's best boss fights ever ("Del Lago," pictured above) on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come August 30th.

A post on Capcom Unity notes that this version brings in all of the various bonus content across the game's myriad releases -- extra costumes, a side-story starring Resident Evil 2's Ada Wong -- but doesn't mention anything of the physical release promised earlier this year. If the prices of the recent Resident Evil 5 and 6 are anything to go by, RE 4 should be $20 when it hits the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live late next month. Unlike the demo (VR or not) for Resident Evil 7, this trip through a creepy Spanish town shouldn't give you motion sickness.

Oh, and just as a reminder: In the game's opening moments, don't forget to save that dog from the bear trap. Trust me.

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