Google Home gains Bluetooth to play audio from any device

The smart speaker also offers a lot more music and TV streaming options.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Google's smart speaker was already handy for a lot of things, but today the company is announcing a ton of new features for the device. During the keynote for its I/O developer conference, the company said it's adding Bluetooth connectivity to Google Home. This means you'll be able to play music and other audio from any device, including those running Android and iOS.

Google also revealed that Spotify's free tier will be available on Home. Previously, you needed a paid monthly subscription in order to beam your tunes to the speaker from that library. What's more, support for SoundCloud and Deezer is on the way too, so you'll soon have a few more options for streaming music. In terms of television, Netflix already plays nice with Google Home, but the company says soon the likes of HBO Now, CBS All Access and HGTV will also be available.

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