Microsoft's Template Studio codes your Universal Windows apps for you

You provide the framework, then let the wizard handle the rest.

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Back in 2015, Microsoft unveiled a visual way to write apps from a web browser without writing a single line of code. While the template-based Windows App Studio wasn't powerful enough to build the most beautiful interface, it did offer a glimpse into Windows development and an introduction to the Windows Store marketplace. Today, Microsoft announced the App Studio's successor, Windows Template Studio, is getting a fresh update to provide the same easy interface for building Universal Windows Platform apps.

This time around, the Template Studio actually runs as an extension in Visual Studio, rather than in-browser app, but the same guided wizard interface is still intact. The wizard will talk you step-by-step through the basics of your UWP as you select the project type, the app's framework structure, app pages and features. The whole thing is available on GitHub and Microsoft is open-sourcing the project so other developers can help flesh out the wizard's code generation engine.

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