Watch us play the Nintendo Switch 'Arms' Global Testpunch

Motion controls are back, and they're surprisingly good.

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When Nintendo announced Splatoon for the Wii U, gamers weren't quite sure what to make of it. The idea of a competitive shooter from Nintendo was so bizarre, it was kind of hard to assess from a distance -- so the company invited players to try the game early with a free, limited time multiplayer demo. This weekend, Nintendo is doing the same thing with Arms: serving up the game's telescoping pugilism in a free "Global Testpunch" demo over six one hour chunks. Don't have a Switch? You can join us on Facebook for the first session today at 5pm PT (8pm ET).

If you do have a Switch, however, you should probably check it out. Much like Splatoon, Arms is a game that was kind of hard to get the feel of from its trailer, and we didn't fully understand the appeal of the game ourselves until we tried it at Nintendo's Arms press event earlier this month. There, we discovered that while the game looks like a rebranded Wii Sports title, it actually has a lot of complexity, charm and depth. If you miss out on today's session, you can join in on May 27th at 5am PT (8am ET), 11am PT (2pm ET) and 5pm PT (8pm ET), as well as two more times on the 28th: 5am PT (8am ET) and 11am PT (2pm ET). If you miss this weekend's event, Nintendo's doing the whole thing next week too -- on the exact same schedule.

Can't make any of those times? Check out our the archive of our stream in the video above!

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