The first UK eSports degree is event management in disguise

Entry requirements: No Hanzo mains.

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Flickr / Dota 2 The International
Flickr / Dota 2 The International

eSports are bigger than they've ever been, but we can't exactly allow teenagers to pursue a job in their chosen industry without demanding a formal qualification of them now, can we? Cease your fretting, because come September 2018, Staffordshire University will take charge of quality control by running the UK's first eSports degree programme. If you're thinking it's all combo practice, mainlining Red Bull and week-long LAN parties, sorry to burst your bubble. The three-year BA (Hons) course is more geared towards setting students up for the business and event management side of eSports.

The first year will be more of an introduction to the industry and culture of eSports, as well as the ins and outs of streaming. The following two years has students hosting progressively larger and more commercial events, learning about community management, legal stuff and what it takes to build an eSports brand. There'll be a bit of gaming in between all this, of course, with six competitive gaming societies to choose from and scholarship moneys for the most promising pre-pro gamers.

Scholarships for particularly talented players aren't uncommon and many universities now have official eSports teams. Degrees dedicated to the industry, however, are on the rare side, though it's fitting that Staffordshire University would pioneer such a course in the UK since it offers various degree programmes in video game development. Anyone interested in the three-year BA starting September 2018 can hit up the uni's open day on June 10th, but bring your own controller yeah?

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